Smitty (choclatethunder) wrote in davieboys,


I just took some more pics and I hope everyone likies!! These are just some of my favorites ;o)

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hey ima newbie at the whole live journal thing u feel like helpin someone out?
love the pics
i want to change some stuff and meet some peole or what not yhea im lame.
well im out im bored
thanx and sure...umm if you wanna chat and stuff then here:

AIM: cococaramelpop69
MSN messenger:
Yahoo Messenger:

lol and can I add you to my friend's list? feel free to add me if you want ;o)


Those Pictures are Hot! Also new to LJ but not too new. Just was adding interests to my profile and found this community which inturn I found your entry. I like adding pictures to my LJ entries.
Hey thanks :). I scanned your user page and saw your pics and you're pretty cute 'urself. Can I add you?

You are one sexy......=P
aww well thank you ever so much ;)

your so gorgeous! i love black guys. so sexy!
im from australia btw.
lol well thanks :) I LOVE AUSTRALIA lol I wish I could visit one of these days...add you?

yes please!