Smitty (choclatethunder) wrote in davieboys,

Mad as shit...just need to like everyone lol

OMG!! I CAN'T BELIEEEEEEEVE THIS SHIT! Ok I'm just a bit bitter and hella irritated. Ok so here's the deal right....there's this and guy were decent friends....then we started hanging out more...then me and dude made out (whoot) and ever since that day...dude has been somewhat stand-offish....and quite the asshole....and of course it just got worse and worse...and today I just had how many ladies are FAMILIAR with thei stroy EHH!!?? I mean c'mon!! I really hate guys almost literally. But anywa the "plot line" of this little story is ofcourse not AT ALL that uncommon....doesn't 85% of the time happen like that anyway? But its just that when ya think ya may have found good people...they turn right around, laugh at ya, and piss in your face. It's ridiculous cause I so thought he was a relatively decent...and he's absolutely no different than any other dude. It makes me sick to think that I have a penis lol. I'm not really looking for advice or how to deal with the situation or w/ever...I've been here with EVERYONE it seems lol. I'm just venting about it so w/ever. Thanks for reading for those of you who gave a shit lol....I certainly don't anymore!


PS...Advice of any sort is of course always welcome lol. I'm just Annoyed with people in general and I mean like EVERYONE...even myself :(
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